100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid the most common errors of English grammar and usage that cause grief to bloggers. 

Kindle Edition

This handy style guide by nationally known language blogger Maeve Maddox will save you time and embarrassment. Simple entries identify usage as “right” or “wrong” without lengthy explanations. Available at Amazon in both Kindle and print editions.

Unsolicited Praise for 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid:

A must read for those who are inspired to write, but feel they don’t have the education.

• Perhaps it has been many years since you have been in school, and you need a refresher course on things to avoid before submitting your work to a publisher. This small, easy to use book is the perfect size for your purse or totebag. If you dream of writing, go ahead buy the book. Write right. You will be glad you did.

• Maeve Maddox makes writing seem straightforward.

• English is English, sure. But Maeve’s thoroughness and clarity in writing style helps you see the subtle mistakes that prevent you from getting your idea across—or risk the reader hearing something you aren’t really saying. That’s the aforementioned “wisdom”: Maeve homes right in on the mistakes that are so common, we don’t even see them any more.

• 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid by Maeve Maddox is only 45 pages long, BUT…it can have a disproportionate impact on the quality of your writing. Charles A. Ray, Red Room

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100 Mistakes to Avoid by Maeve Maddox

Print Edition

Focus your goals about writing for publication with this collection of essays about the writing craft.

So You Want to Write! fulfills the role of a personal writing coach. Aspiring authors will do well to learn from Maeve Maddox’s experience.”—David Bowman, Chief Editor of Precise Edit and the author of numerous books on writing.

The essays in this collection originated as online posts at Daily Writing Tips and are themselves models of informal standard English written for a general audience.

In ten information-packed chapters, Maeve offers tips and reminders that both newbies and veteran writers will find useful.

In Chapter One Maeve addresses questions that beset every writer:

• How can you know if you’re really a writer?
• What do writers read?
• What is talent?
• How do you find time to write?

Chapters Two to Seven offer definitions and discussions related to genre, the writing process, style, technique, and the mechanics of presentation.

Chapter Eight emphasizes the writer’s need for three essential tools: dictionary, thesaurus, and usage guide.

Chapter Nine provides five specialized vocabulary lists, including terms for writing about religion and crime.

Chapter Ten illustrates and discusses common errors of grammar and usage. Without condemning regional or ethnic speech patterns, Maddox focuses on standard American English and its usefulness to speakers and writers of all backgrounds.

Order So You Want to Write!
Print edition $6.99