Raring To Go

A reader asked me, “How does a word like rare become idiomatically used to mean eager, as in ‘raring to go’?”
Answer: It didn’t.
The rare in “raring to go” has nothing to do with the adjective that means, “seldom found.” The rare in raring is an altered pronunciation of the verb to rear: “to make to

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10 Things I Didn't Know About Tarzan

Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan of the Apes.
When I heard that a new Tarzan movie was about to be released, I started thinking about the Tarzan of my childhood: Johnny Weissmuller.
I remember Weissmuller as a great swimmer—he usually had at least one scene in which he killed some creature in the water—and as a great screamer.

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Jeopardy Does It Again

The Jeopardy errors continue to accumulate. Here’s a clue from the June 8, 2016 Double Jeopardy category “The Book Book”:
Jeopardy clue, June 8, 2016
The “day” medieval English folk thought the world would end;
it comes before “Book” in the name of a tome that counted them.
Alex accepted the response “What is the Doomsday Book?” but

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