About Maeve

You may know the name Maeve Maddox from my articles about English usage at Daily Writing Tips. I’ve also published books and articles about education, beginning reading, Joan of Arc, and film criticism under the names Margaret Joan Maddox and Peggy Maddox.

Born in Chicago, I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, taught high school English in Rochester, New York, spent seven years studying and teaching in London, England before returning to Arkansas.

Since my return, I’ve taught English and French in city and rural high schools, two-year colleges, and at the University of Arkansas.

Although no longer in the classroom, I still think of myself as a teacher.

You can find my teaching tips relating to reading instruction, spelling, grammar, and cultural knowledge at AmericanEnglishDoctor.com/.

You can read a thousand or so of my articles about writing and English usage in the Archives at DailyWritingTips.com/.

Movie fans may be interested in A Joan for All Seasons: Joan of Arc in History and the Movies. a film guide to six 20th century feature films made about Joan of Arc. A movie fan myself, I’ll be adding movie reviews to the site from time to time.

Two of my books about writing and usage are:

100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid

So You Want to Write: Tips and Pep Talks to Get You Started and Keep You on Track

Since retiring from full-time teaching, I’ve given talks about English and topics of popular culture at academic conferences, schools, and libraries. Like Chaucer’s Oxford Student, “gladly will I learn and gladly teach.” Contact me at maevemaddox@gmail.com to schedule a talk on any of the following topics:

English Usage
History of English
Joan of Arc in History and the Movies
Comparative Religion
World Literature
Beginning Reading
Elementary Study Skills