Books by Maeve Maddox



DAEL Publications

DAEL Publications is Maeve’s imprint for  books about English usage and popular culture. [DAEL rhymes with pal.]

So You Want to Write! is a collection of fifty essays based on posts written for the popular site Daily Writing Tips. Useful guidelines for anyone just starting out on the quest to write for publication. Read more about the book.


100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid is a slim, easy-to-navigate style guide that covers the most common errors of usage, spelling, and punctuation made by writers who were not paying attention in English class. Available in both print and Kindle. Read more about the book.


A Joan for All Seasons is a look at six familiar movies about Joan of Arc that reveal more about their directors and the times in which they were made than about the historical woman they are supposed to portray. Read more about the book.


Word Rage by Maeve Maddox

Maeve’s intervention for people who get upset about English usage.

Word Rage is a collection of essays covering most of the  topics that spark heated online “grammar” debates. English speakers of every stripe will find useful explanations and reviews to help them learn to respect all dialects and see the value of being able to speak and write a version of Standard English in addition to their home dialects.



Writing as Margaret Joan Maddox, Maeve authored the essay on Joan Icons of the Middle Ages, Volume 2.of Arc that appears in Volume Two of Icons of the Middle Ages: Rulers, Writers, Rebels, and Saints, ABC,CLIO, 2012.

Her academic essays have appeared in Translation Review and The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.

“Ravishing Marie: Eugene Mason’s Translation of Marie de France’s Breton Lai of Lanval,” Translation Review, No. 63, 2002.

“Retiring the Maid: The Last Joan of Arc Movie,” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Volume III. Spring 2003.

Maeve’s PhD dissertation on Joan of Arc in Popular Culture is available in University libraries.

Maeve’s work has also been published in Highlights for Children, The Christian Science Monitor, Education Today, and other national periodicals.