10 Requests to the Press

Dear Real Press (as opposed to the “So-called Press),

  1. Please stop reporting tweets. Report only what is delivered from the White House through official government channels such as press briefings.
  1. Please stop squandering so much time and space on barefaced falsehoods. It ought to be enough to mention a lie once and get on to more important things.
  1. Please start publishing a daily financial update that shows how much money is being expended to maintain the new president and his entourage in safety and comfort. Include a comparison to expenditures for the same services provided in previous administrations.
  1. Please do more national reporting of governmental doings in the individual states. Some very strange things are happening at the state level.
  1. Please tell us more about the president’s private security force, what they’re doing and how their duties differ from those of tax-supported Secret Service agents.
  1. Please, if there’s any truth to connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, find the proof.
  1. Please do what you can to get somebody to leak Trump’s tax returns so that we can compare what he was worth on November 8, 2016 to what he’s worth now.
  1. Please publish a greater variety of personality pieces on men and women in government other than the same line-up of billionaires. Introduce us to federal judges, governors, representatives, and senators who are doing what they were elected or appointed to do. I can’t believe that all Republicans are devils or that all Democrats are angels.
  1. Please do more to make American readers who have time to complain on Facebook aware of what life is like for US citizens who live in poverty. Inform us about life in Liberia, Haiti, Somalia, South Sudan, and refugee camps everywhere. Pile on the photos and videos.
  1. And finally, please stop reaching for false equivalencies in an effort to appear unbiased. You’re not being biased when you acknowledge that something bad is bad. Check out Matthew 7:15-20.