100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid–REVISED with Index

A revised edition of  100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid is now available on Amazon.

Originally available only in digital form, this bare bones style guide for writers in a hurry is now available in both print and digital editions.

100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid is a guide to common errors of grammar, usage and spelling that can distract readers from the message a writer wishes to convey. It’s “a style book for writers in a hurry.” As I point out in the introduction, “this little book can’t replace a dictionary or a premium style guide like The Chicago Manual of Style (1,026 pages) or the Associated Press Stylebook (406 pages), but writers can save time by looking here first.”

Explanations are kept to a minimum. Most of the entries simply state that a usage is “correct” or “incorrect” in the context of standard English. Controversial usage is indicated, but there’s none of the ridicule or impassioned arguments that so often accompany the discussion of usage on the web.

It’s not a book for purists. It’s for bloggers and other writers who want to avoid writing errors that can damage their credibility. It’s for sellers who don’t want to drive away potential customers who react strongly to mistakes like it’s for its or seperate for separate.

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100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid (print edition)

100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid (Kindle edition)