About me

You may know the name Maeve Maddox from my articles about English usage at Daily Writing Tips. I’ve also published books and articles about education, beginning reading, Joan of Arc, and film criticism under the names Margaret Joan Maddox and Peggy Maddox.

Early life

Born in Chicago, I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, taught high school English in Rochester, New York, and spent seven years studying and teaching in London, England before returning to Arkansas.

Business career

Upon my return, I taught English and French in city and rural high schools, two-year colleges, and at the University of Arkansas.

Fountain Lake High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas—English, Journalism

Hot Springs High School—English, French

National Park Junior College—French

Malvern Community College—English

University of Arkansas—Freshman Composition, World Literature

In 2006, I retired from classroom teaching, but still teach online.