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Maeve Maddox


Maeve Maddox is the pen name of Margaret Joan Maddox, a writer who combines an academic background with a passion for pop culture.

Her most recent novel, The Faberge Flute, draws on her experience as teacher, amateur flutist, and anglophile.

Set in London, where Maeve lived, taught, and studied for seven years, this cozy mystery blends reality with fantasy in a sinister quest to possess a flute that has the power to heal.

Her next novel to be published, currently under contract to Hypatia Press, draws from her interest in Roman history and comparative religion.

The American English Doctor

Although retired from teaching, she still contributes to the cause of literacy with the website, The site focuses on basic literacy and offers suggestions for parents of children who attend public school.

The Writing Craft and Common English Usage

Impatient with self-appointed Grammar Police who wish to dictate one English for every speaker, Maeve recognizes that “correct” English depends upon context.  About a thousand of her essays on writing and English usage are still available at Print versions of some of them are available in the collections, So You Want to Write, and Word Rage.

Maeve holds four university degrees in the name Margaret Joan Maddox, including a B.A. (Honours) in English from the University of London, and a PhD from the University of Arkansas.

The subject of her PhD dissertation led her to write the movie guide, A Joan for all Seasons: Joan of Arc in History and the Movies.

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