NOTE: As will be evident from this list, I have published under more than one name—not a good idea for a writer who wishes to build a brand. In future, I plan to stick to Maeve Maddox for fiction and popular culture, and Margaret Joan Maddox for academic writing.

Fiction and Popular Culture

The Fabergé Flute, Maeve Maddox, Wildrose Press, 2021.
A Joan for All Seasons: Joan of Arc in History and the Movies, Maeve Maddox, DAEL Publications, 2012.

English Usage and the Writing Craft

100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid, Maeve Maddox, DAEL Publications, 2013. 

7 Steps to Good Spelling, Maeve Maddox, DAEL Publications, 2018. Radio interview. 

The Pronoun Book, Maeve Maddox, DAEL Publications, 2019. Radio interview. 

Word Rage: How to stop worrying and learn to love your language, Maeve Maddox, AEL Publications, 2017. Radio interview. 

So You Want To Write, Maeve Maddox, DAEL Publications, 2012.

Academic Writing

“Joan of Arc.” Icons of the Middle Ages: Rulers, Writers, Rebels, and Saints, Volume 2, pp. 417-449. Lister M. Matheson, Editor. Greenwood (ABC-CLIO), 2012.

Portrayals of Joan of Arc in Film:From Historical Joan to Her Mythological Daughters. Margaret Joan Maddox, Ph.D. Edwin Mellen, New York. 2008.

Keeping Her in Her Place: The Perpetual Imprisonment of Joan of Arc.  Margaret Joan Maddox. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. (doctoral dissertation) May 2004.

“Retiring the Maid: The Last Joan of Arc Movie.” Peggy Maddox. Journal of Religion and Popular Culture (On-line journal of the University of Saskatchewan) Vol. III. Spring 2003.

“Ravishing Marie: Eugene Mason’s Translation of Marie de France’s Breton Lai of Lanval.” Peggy Maddox. Translation Review No. 63, 2002. 

Conference Presentations

“Spinning Pilate Misrepresentation of the Roman Provincial Governor in Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ,” Peggy Maddox, University of Arkansas, Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico, February, 2008.

“More than Mascot: Joan of Arc as Man-at-Arms,” Modern Language Association Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 2004.

“Retiring the Maid: The Last Joan of Arc Movie,” Peggy Maddox, SW Texas Popular Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, February, 2003.

“Crossing into Torelore: Cathar and Crusader in Aucassin and Nicolette” Peggy Maddox, University of Arkansas. Southeastern Medieval Association (28th Annual Meeting), Tallahassee, Florida, September 27, 2002.

“Ravishing Marie: Eugene Mason’s Translation of Marie de France’s Breton Lai of Lanval,” M. J. Maddox, University of Arkansas. Southeastern Medieval Association (27th Annual Meeting), New Orleans, 2001.

Articles on Education
“Pushing Arkansas Teachers to the Wall.” Margaret Maddox Wallworth.  NEA Today. June 1985.“Testing Arkansas Teachers: The ‘Quick-Fix’ Politics of Reform.” Peggy Maddox. Education Week. 11 September 1985.
“Living without 9-month school year. “Peggy Maddox. Arkansas Gazette. June 17, 1986.
“What About children who can’t or won’t learn?” Peggy Maddox. Arkansas Gazette. September 12, 1986.
“Challenge for schools just starting.” Peggy Maddox. Arkansas Gazette, April 12, 1987.
“Does test promote mediocrity?” Peggy Maddox. Arkansas Gazette. July 19, 1988.
“Giving Students Something to Build On.” Peggy Maddox. The Christian Science Monitor. January 5, 1989.


Ricky’s Rainbow, Margaret Wallworth, A coloring book for Levi Arthritis Hospital, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Illustrated by Gary Simmons, 1984.

The Secret of the Silver Candlestick, David C. Cook Publishers, 1984.

The Secret of the Painted Idol, David C. Cook Publishers, 1985.

Das Geheimnis des goldenen Leuchters, Oncken Verlag Wuppertal und Kassel.  (German translation of Secret of the Silver Candlestick), 1990.

Miscellaneous short fiction and nonfiction

“A Weapon for Brendan,” Jack and Jill Magazine.

“Buddies,” Margaret Maddox Wallworth, The Good Deeder.

“The King Who Commanded the Tide,” Highlights for Children,

“What’s a Napron?,” Margaret Maddox Wallworth, Highlights for Children.