We need a Secretary who will reform the Department of Education, not gut the public school system.

Jeopardy and “Silent H”

Every so often the Jeopardy writers get it wrong. They certainly did on December 12, 2012. One of the categories had to do with “silent H.” The first response that I noticed made perfect sense: honesty. The word honesty is spelled with an h but pronounced without one.  Ergo, the h in honesty is a “silent…

Common Sense or Common Knowledge?

The Washington Times published a quiz with the title “Are You Common Sense Smart?” and the invitation “Take our ‘simple’ quiz to find out.” I came across the link on Facebook. An inveterate Facebook test-taker, I took the quiz. 

The Geography Teacher Made a Poor Choice

Although my own family tends to regard me as a bleeding-heart-liberal, I cannot agree with the knee-jerk reaction from liberals regarding the community outcry in Staunton, Virginia about a public school teacher’s assignment to write the Islamic statement of faith, the shahad, in Arabic letters. The bulk of the comments in defense of the assignment…