10 Requests to the Press

Please stop reaching for false equivalencies in an effort to appear unbiased. You’re not being biased when you acknowledge that something bad is bad.


We need a Secretary who will reform the Department of Education, not gut the public school system.

Hot Air and the Media

This morning, NPR reporter Steve Inskeep spoke the words “Donald Trump” and stopped. After a pause, he said, “That’s it. That’s all I need to say. You know you’re interested.” I have news for Steve Inskeep, NPR, CBS, and all the other alphabetical purveyors of what is supposed to be news. Many media consumers are…

The Geography Teacher Made a Poor Choice

Although my own family tends to regard me as a bleeding-heart-liberal, I cannot agree with the knee-jerk reaction from liberals regarding the community outcry in Staunton, Virginia about a public school teacher’s assignment to write the Islamic statement of faith, the shahad, in Arabic letters. The bulk of the comments in defense of the assignment…