English Spelling Is Not Rocket Science

Cover of 7 Steps to Good Spelling by Maeve MaddoxYes, English spelling is challenging.

No, it is not so difficult that native speakers have any excuse to misspell the common words they use.

7 Steps to Good Spelling is an easy-to-follow handbook for readers who are tired of making basic spelling errors in their online communication or business correspondence.

Most people who self-identify as “bad spellers” were never taught the basics of the English sound code. After all, for several decades now the teachers’ colleges have been promoting a program of reading instruction that teaches English words as if they were pictures, not groupings of sound symbols. Only recently are the high muckety-mucks admitting that an alphabetic language is best taught with phonics.

The ability to spell correctly is available to anyone who is willing to take a fresh look and listen to the sounds we use to speak English and the symbols we use to write the sounds.

In addition to phonics information, 7 Steps to Good Spelling contains listening exercises and a list of 150 words that SpellCheck won’t catch.

Available in both print and digital editions at Amazon.

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