Maeve Maddox

Site Redesign

Welcome to my redesigned author’s site. Unfortunately—or perhaps not—all my previous posts have been wiped out. I will repost any that remain timely.

Why the change

I have another novel under contract, and I want to do a better job spreading the word about it than I did about my last one. I thought that an updated site would help.

The Fabergé Flute is my most recently published novel. A cozy mystery set in 1980s London at a music convention, it’s a fun romp, if I say it myself, that combines romance and a bit of magical realism.

Very different is my upcoming novel, which is set in the early fifth century Roman Empire, when Christianity has become a political power and believers in previous religions must learn to live in the new religious climate. The working title is A Seam in Time.

The categories

The Writing category will offer my reflections on writing—my own and that of others. 

The Language category will discuss not only Standard English usage, but registers of English that make writing realistic.

The broadest category is Popular Culture, which will include posts on classical and world literature, contemporary fiction, movies, television, and journalism.

The category of Education will include posts on aspects of US education that affect writers and publishing. 


I hope that readers will comment on the posts share their thoughts and questions  with me via the Contact page.

Readers who have school-age children may want to check out my teaching site, the AmericanEnglishDoctor.