Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction

Short stories and articles“A Weapon for Brendan,” Jack and Jill Magazine

“Buddies,” The Good Deeder.

“The King Who Commanded the Tide,”Highlights for Children,

“What’s a Napron?”Highlights for Children.

Long works

The Time Spray, or What the Pilgrims were really like, an unpublished play, written for and performed by Thespian Troupe 2255.

Ricky’s Rainbow, A coloring book for Levi Arthritis Hospital. Illustrated by Gary Simmons.

The Secret of the Silver Candlestick, David C. Cook Publishers.

The Secret of the Painted Idol, David C. Cook Publishers.

Das Geheimnis des goldenen Leuchters, Oncken Verlag Wuppertal und Kassel.  (German translation of Secret of the Silver Candlestick).