Let me introduce my selves

Maeve Maddox at laptopAuthor

At the age of ten, I knew that I wanted to be a writer and sent my first story to Jack and Jill Magazine. In response, I received my first rejection letter. I remember that the editor was kind and encouraging. Many, many years later, I sent another story to Jack and Jill and it was accepted. (Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction)


Knowing that few authors support themselves solely by writing, I chose teaching as my backup profession. A lifelong lover of books and reading, I found it an easy choice to become an English teacher.

My first job was in Rochester, New York. From there, I traveled to London, England, where I landed a job in a tutorial school that prepared girls to apply to the UK’s elite private schools. In small classes and under the close supervision of a formidable headmistress, I learned what’s possible when teachers, administrators, and parents are all on the same page. (Teaching credentials)


My advanced degrees are in Comparative Literature. (Teaching credentials)

comparatist (noun): One who uses comparative methods in studying language or literature; a student of comparative linguistics or comparative literature.

I love tracking  how literary classics find their way into the popular culture of movies, television, and novels, such as StarTrek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the novels of Rick Riordan and Kate Atkinson. The background reading needed to study literature leads naturally to a desire to write historical novels.  (Academic writing

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