STEP 1: Lose the Fear of Spelling

from 7 Steps to Good Spelling by Maeve Maddox

Some folks talk about the ability to spell as if it’s something you’re born with.


Spelling is a basic literacy skill that most children can acquire by the age of thirteen—but only if someone explains it properly.

If you think of yourself as a “bad speller,” you were probably never taught what you need to know to be a good speller.

By good speller, I mean someone who can spell the common words English-speakers use in most writing.

When spelling is taught in a patient and systematic way, most people can become competent spellers.

If you approach each of the seven steps in this book systematically and study the word lists, you will be able to spell 95% of the words you use in writing. For the other five percent, you can use a dictionary.

NOTE: This guide is intended chiefly for the general reader who wants to avoid common spelling errors in daily writing.

Teachers and parents of young children can also benefit from this information to supplement reading instruction.