Maeve’s Writing Guide Reformatted

New cover of Maeve Maddox's writing guide
The NEW cover of Maeve’s writing guide. Buy this one.

My reformatted and revised collection of essays about the writing craft—So You Want to Write!—is available on Amazon for $6.99 in paperback.

It’s not exactly a new edition, but I was able to catch a few typos and improve a sentence here and there.

As the old version is still out there in used copies, I want to warn potential buyers not to buy the one with the white cover edged with yellow.  I’ve seen it advertised on Amazon for as much as $22 used!

Here’s what some nice people have to say about this book:

“I recommend this book for people who want to write but aren’t sure how to get started. Filled with wise and practical advice for aspiring authors, this collection of essays describes the strategies that good writers use and provides the expert advice that authors often need.”

“Not only does this book answer critical questions about the writing process but also it provides techniques for transforming the desire to write into a polished manuscript that sells. The essays, grouped logically in 10 chapters, are written simply and clearly. They will help an author think through major writing decisions: What will I write? How do I write? What will make my writing better? What do I do with my writing?”

“So You Want to Write! fulfills the role of a personal writing coach.Aspiring authors will do well to learn from Maeve Maddox’s experience and knowledge.”

Don’t buy this one.