New Word: DeVossed

A Google search for “devossed” in quotation marks brings up only 521 hits on February 9, 2017, but my spidey sense tells me this word is destined to achieve greater numbers in the following weeks and months.

The Urban Dictionary has already posted an entry:

DEVOSSED: When the last tiny shred of hope is shattered. Origin: Betsy DeVos confirmation and the Pence tie-breaker. Example: Oh man! I might not miss my flight! As long as the wait at security isn’t too long [sees massive line] Oh [shucks], I got devossed again.

There’s a Twitter hashtag: #DeVossed. The tweets associated with it correspond to the definition disappointed or betrayed.

For fans of school privatization, on the other hand, DeVossed may become a term of warning or satisfaction, as in this headline above an article in Flypaper:

Watch out, reformers, you’re about to get DeVossed

Flypaper is an online newsletter published by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a conservative think-tank.

Time will tell which definition for devossed/DeVossed will catch on.