Public Education

public education
Big business is seen as the manipulative force behind recent changes to public education.

Next to the Constitution itself, the US public education system is the nation’s greatest treasure. Unfortunately, it has become a battleground on which special interest groups struggle for control.

Parents of young children cannot afford to wait for government and reformers to fight it out and establish a perfect educational system. It will never happen. Some schools will always be more effective than others.

Parents are their children’s first teachers and their best defense against ineffective teaching.

Education begins at birth. Parents of newborns can lay the foundation of academic success by loving their children, playing with them, and talking to them from the day they are born.

Parents of any level of education have the power to send their children to school ready to learn. Once their children are in school, they can ensure that they receive a competent education by monitoring their work and supplementing it as needed.

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Take advantage of my suggestions for ways you can monitor and supplement your children’s public school experience.

Academic success begins at birth. Parents who want their children to succeed in school must be part of the process.