Maeve’s Books about English usage

100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid

By far the most popular of my language guides (and the most often pirated), 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid is a barebones style guide for “ordinary people.

It addresses the most common usage errors seen in web comments, blog posts, and advertising.

Digital edition $2.99.          Paperback $6.99


7 Steps to Good Spelling

Good spellers are made, not born! Chances are, if you think of yourself as a “bad speller,” you were never taught what you need to know to be a good one.

Good spellers do not have to spell all the words in English—just the ones they use in their writing.

7 Steps to Good Spelling contains all the information you need to spell the everyday words used in most published writing.

Digital edition $2.99.    Paperback $5.99


The Pronoun Book

In my experience as a classroom teacher, I have found that most writing errors center on the use of pronouns and verbs. I may eventually add a Verb Book to the American English for All series. Meanwhile, I do have a The Pronoun Book to offer.

The main thing to learn about pronouns is the difference between subjects and objects. Recently, pronouns have become the focus of gender politics, so this guide contains a chapter on “nonbinary pronouns.”

Digital edition.     Paperback $$5.99


Language Essay Collections

Word Rage

Word Rage takes a look at the errors and turns of phrase that often provoke hostility in readers—often without cause. These essays explore the history of English, as well as basic grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling. 

Digital edition $2.99. Paperback $8.66


So You Want To Write

Thanks to services like KDP and Lulu, everyone can be a published writer these days.

Unfortunately, not everyone who self-publishes has bothered to learn the craft.

If you’re thinking of writing a book, So You Want To Write is a good jumping-off place.

Digital edition $2.99.   $6.99