The Fabergé Flute—”A Fabulous Book!”

Small town English teacher and amateur flutist Sallie Dunbar has had it. Pushed to the limits by a particularly frustrating school day, she drains her meager savings to spend Thanksgiving week at a music convention in 1980s London.

Anticipating a relaxing trip filled with sightseeing and perhaps a romantic fling, Sallie unwittingly becomes a killer’s target. A fabulous jeweled flute reputed to possess healing powers has gone missing. And someone is willing to kill to get it back.

Here’s the review that begins with “Fabulous Book!”

Fabulous book! A plot twister to the end! A must for flute players and mystery lovers. The description of an instrumental convention are so accurate that it was like being there. The details were so authentic! This author is quite knowledgeable on flutes of all kinds and English literature and was very clever in how the two were intermingled. Loved the dog antics, so characteristic of that breed. Great characters were developed and it was a shame to leave some of them when the book was over. I loved the ending. I do hope that there is a sequel. If you are a flute player, or know one, this book is a MUST and would be a great gift.

Originally self-published, The Fabergé Flute has been picked up by the Wild Rose Press. In addition to getting a new cover, the text has been proofed another twenty times and most of the typos have been eliminated.  (A writer never dares say “all.”)

Available in both digital and print copies, The Fabergé Flute is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.