Think twice before attacking someone’s usage

cover of Word Rage, a usage guide by Maeve MaddoxJudging by the rude remarks in social media comment threads, it often seems that everyone is an expert on language.

Predictable targets of online linguistic contempt are misplaced apostrophes and such mix-ups as choose/chose, affect/effect, and to/two/too.

Sometimes, however, self-styled grammar gurus attack perfectly acceptable usage.

Such misplaced faux erudition is the focus of my usage guide, Word Rage: How to stop worrying and learn to love the language.

The eight chapters discuss the five registers of English, regionalisms, perceived errors that are no longer considered to be errors, and the etiquette of correcting others and when to hold your tongue.

It is an entertaining collection of essays if I say so.

Available in print and digital edtions at Amazon.

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